Valikko Sulje

Open letter

Polarscent Oy has set out to investigate the possibilities offered by dogs’ ability to distinguish odors for mapping the international field of disease and illness, utilizing their enormous potential in screening for various pathogens and mapping the dangers hidden in infrastructure.

According to international research data, a trained dog is significantly more sensitive than man-made technology to detect odor changes in human metabolism, the indoor air of buildings, flora and fauna, so it is quite clear why these animals have been used for several years to locate drugs, explosives, moldy buildings and various pathogens.

For the last few years, we have been working on the Covid-19 pandemic that shook the world, so that by utilizing this exceptional feature, we could bring help to people and organizations struggling with this disaster.

The work has received enormous positive attention, also in the international media, and interest in new applications
is globally quite strong.
However, the most important thing is that working with the nose is the funnest play that dogs know!

Now we have started to investigate the possibility of expanding the odor separation training outside of Finland, for ordinary dog owners who want to commit to learning together with their dog and perhaps in the future to find something to do together with their pet even for commercial purposes.

The aim of the course is to teach dogs the basics of scent separation during a short, concise course.
Most of the aids needed for the course can already be found at home, but even when purchased, their total cost will be less than 50.00 euros (550.00 SEK).

The training is implemented in a hybrid format, where the weekly material is delivered by e-mail, some of the meetings are conducted over the internet and some face-to-face with the trainer in Stockholm.

Animal trainer Miia Kantinkoski, who in her 20-year professional career has specialized in scent work, training personal service dogs (hearing and support dogs) and ordinary domestic dogs, is responsible for all training material and the content of the training.

She is also involved in developing the professional qualification for animal trainers and has taught future animal trainers at an educational institution in the field.

In addition to this, Miia’s work includes tasks in the history of dog training, e.g. in movies, commercials, as house dogs, for looking for bedbugs, to hear for help, to reveal diabetes, and for defense forces in use of force and scent work tasks.

The training language is english and it costs the participants nothing.

The training lasts 5 weeks, the dog is trained daily 15-30 minutes, for which instructions will be sent to the participant in a weekly email.

Every week, the trainer should also receive a video of the progress of the training taken by the participant with a camera phone, so that the training can be planned for everyone’s schedule and skill level.

The participants naturally have access to the materials from the previous weeks throughout the training period, so the theory of the training, the cornerstones of the odor discrimination training or the videos following the progress of the knocking can be found to support memory and learning throughout the training.

At the end of the course, a small-scale final exam will be held in Stockholm, where the success of the training will also be evaluated from the perspective of the participants.

Attached is the preliminary information form and commitment to participate in the training.

Welcome to learn!


Awe Vilpas, CEO

Polarscent Oy
Awe Vilpas, CEO

You can apply for the course with the questionnaire below.

If it does not open, you can find it here

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