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Polarscent Oy:n (3194006-2) GDPR mukainen tietosuoja- eväste- ja rekisteriseloste. Luotu 17.3.2021, viimeksi muokattu 25.1.2022.

Polarscent Oy
Y-tunnus: 3194006-2
Porthaninkatu 10 A 16
00530 Helsinki

Contact information

Awe Vilpas, Chairman
The person in charge of the registry will answer in 20 days to any question regarding this register.

Name of register

Polarscent Oy customer and contact register.

Usage of the register

Polarscent Oy customer register's target of usage is to provide it's services, upkeep customer relations, bill for it's offered services and market it's services.

Content of the register

The content of the register is information collected from customers and users themselves.

By using the page and/or using the contanct or feedback forms on the page, or sending email or participating events hosted by Polarscent Oy or providing information in any other way the person(s) will provide at least some or more of the following personal information: name, email, address, phone number. Polarscent can contact people with these given information.

All information sent via the contact forms are transferred into Polarscent Oy email and/or digital recording system. The following information can also be collected to the customer registry: order, billing, payment and if the client is corporation: contact information, VAT-ID, corporate-ID, address, email, phone number.

The registry is protected so that only the Partners of Polarscent Oy have access via username and password to the recorded information. To protect personal data Polarscent Oy uses necessary security measures i.e. safe connections, firewalls, safe and private spaces, strong passwords, access logs and cautious actions of the persons in charge of the registry.

Time that the information is kept in the registry

The information is kept only for the time period that it is needed to provide the service and/or how long does the local law require it to be kept. The client and/or person that has provided information to the system have right to ask what information is stored of them in the registry. To do this, Polarscent Oy needs to check that the person/entity asking for the information is allowed to get the information. If registry keeper is forced to keep the information in the system, they will only be saved for a time that it is mandatory to have them in order to provide said service or if there is no righteous reason to keep the information anymore.

The sources of information in the registry

All information to the registry is collected from customers/visitors themselves, or via the internet addresses, and/or phone or email contacts.


This page uses cookies to function properly. By using the site or the services offered on the site a person accepts that cookies are used. User has the right to disable cookies on the site, but Polarscent Oy does not promise that the site or it's features will function properly if the cookies are disabled.

Mandatory cookies are necessary for the page to function properly. In addition to this, some non-mandatory cookies are used. Users have possibility to change their cookie preferences for non-mandatory cookies also.

If user comments the content on the page, the content, name and/or username will be saved on the page and the server. The web page might remember user information on repeated visits.

On login, the page uses cookies that record the login time, and other needed informations to keep the site safe. This information is saved to a separate table that they can be monitored from. This information is saved to prevent abuse and keep the site safe.

Webpage uses analytics to keep track of the page usage. These analytics include i.e. the country that the visitor is from, the period of time that the visitor spends on the site and if the visitor comes to the site via a link, where that link has guided the visitor to the site.

Data embedded from other sites

The webpage can show embedded content from other sites. These embedded elements are the propoerty of the services that they use or show. The embedded elements may contain cookies that are set by the entity that owns the embedded content. If user clicks embedded content and leaves this site, the user will move under the privacy policy of the target site.

The extradition of data

The content of the registry is not extradited to thir parties. An exemption to this is a legal requirement to give the data to authorities if/when asked.

Transferring data outside EU

Registry information is not solely extradited outside of EU. An exemption to this is the data that is concerned of an entity that has contacted the firm outside of EU.

Right to examinate, correct or complaint of the data

Person has right to access to their own data that is saved in the registry. Written, and signed request to review the data must be provided to at least one of the previously mentioned personnel in charge of the register. Before giving the information Polarscent Oy need to check that the identity of the person/entity is correct, and that the data is not given to any other party than the person/entity themselves.

If customer notices that the information in the registry is incorrect or that they have been handled against the meaning of the registry of the legistlation, they can send an email to ask the registry keeper to fix, block, prevent or delete said information.

If customer notices that his/her/its GDPR concerning rights have been violated, they have a right to make a complaint to the authority in charge. More information about the privacy laws and statues in Finland can be found here:

Violation of security

If Polarscent Oy notices that its systems have been violated in a way that potentially threatens the privacy of the information, the persons/entities in the registry will be immediately notified of it, the possible consequences and the actions that Polarscent Oy has started doing to fix the situation and prevent such in the future.

Changes to this policy

The registry keeper reserves all rights to fix or change this policy at any time, if changes in privacy or other matters require so. The registry keeper suggest for customers and other entities to check this privacy policy from time to time to make sure that they have the current knowlegde of how the registry keeper uses and stores the collected information.

Law and authorities

The usage of personal data the Finnish personal information laws and the European Union GDPR regulation are followed in this policy and the handling of personal data in the registry. The authority in charge of personal data in Finland is the data protection ombudsman.

The content of this policy is about Polarscent Oy and its web pages and

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