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Polarscent contributes health and security by offering test services based on trained dogs’ sense of smell. Company’s first mission was to introduce reliable, quick and cost-effective for COVID-19 testing.

Polarscent works in co-operation with Wise Nose ry, Finnish non-profit association specialized in training and researching scent dogs. Based on thousands of samples it is not possible to come up with such a human-made technical testing system that could beat dogs’ sensitivity.

Testing is extremely easy and pleasant for the person to be tested: the dog checks either a used face mask or a sweep sample from the skin.

This way it is possible to do effective pre-screening. In addition to virus carriers, dog senses also exposed people.

This analysis is the funniest game the dog knows!


Properly trained dogs’ scent discrimination ability is more accurate and quick than any technical device.

This subject has been under research for decades in various universities globally. Dogs’ well-documented ability is in use in most countries: dogs are used by police, customs and other authorities as well as for identifying e.g. cancers or diabetes.

We will provide you with research publications upon request.

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