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The funniest health checkup in the world.

"Polarscent offers test services based on scent discrimination in dogs to promote human safety and health worldwide."

"The company's first mission was to introduce a superior solution for pre-screening of the COVID-19 pandemic, which was successfully implemented on the construction sites and industrial facilities of Finnish companies in 2021."

Seuraava askel on maailman suurimman terveyskatastrofin eli tyypin 2 diabeteksen esiseulonta, joka alkaa vuoden 2024 aikana.

Esiseulonta on tutkittavalle äärimmäisen nopeaa ja helppoa, ja se on  koiralle kaikkein hauskinta leikkiä!

The reliability of scent detection dogs

The scent discrimination ability of dogs is thousands of times more accurate and faster than any human-made testing equipment for most odor molecules.

This claim is supported by decades of research conducted at various universities around the world, and state-level dog training programs are already available in most countries. Dogs with precisely the same ability and training methods are used in tracking various diseases (diabetes, cancer, intestinal bacteria), drug detection by customs and postal services, police tracking dogs, mold detection dogs, and even as currency dogs in technical investigations.

In 2022, together with the University of Helsinki, HUS (Helsinki University Hospital), and Wise Nose ry, we conducted a study in which the dog's accuracy ranged from 90-99% depending on the calculation method.

We would be happy to provide more international research information on the subject.

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