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Service Concept

Due to dogs’ extreme sensitivity, they can also sense exposed people. This way it is possible to effective pre-screening and find out who needs additional testing.

Service concept works for any organization that has at least around 40-50 persons to be tested.

Either face masks or sweeping cloths can be used. First alternative is that the masks or cloths are collected in small plastic jars, which are delivered to the training center where the dogs check them the same or following day.

The other way to perform the test is that the dogs check masks or cloths on the spot. An isolated area with a trainer is needed: office room, tent or construction booth works. Based on the dogs’ pre-screening, the needed persons can be instructed to perform a quick test or to be sent to PCR test if he/she has any symptons.

This cost-effective pre-screening system can be used also on national or regional level. Please contact us so that we can check a perfect solution for your needs!